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Our core beliefs

- Vienna is a major diplomatic location.

- Vienna is a venue of historical dialogue.

- Our aim is to support a country that might otherwise be overlooked by the media and to help it gain greater visibility.

- We want to help a country that might be criticised for the wrong reasons and to portray its true image.

- We want to promote a diplomatic climate in Vienna.


Our mission

- We are an expert team of four members with over 30 years of experience in international relations.

- We are focused all-rounders who are particularly dedicated to international relations and diplomacy.

- We have put together a tailor-made package with carefully chosen consultants to suit your personal needs.

- We are part of an extensive network in Austria, Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe.

- We stay in close contact with the Austrian media and can make sure that you are fully prepared for your appearance on Austrian TV.

- We have nationally-certified consulting expertise.

- We are supported by a wide range of external partners, from graphic designers to marketing and social media experts.

- We guarantee absolute client confidentiality as well as data safety.

- We save you, your departments’ time, and research effort due to our expertise, network and human resources.

- We have a proven track record in dealing with sensitive topics.

- We remain trustworthy and loyal, no matter what.


Our expertise

- Training and coaching

- Event management

- Corporate communications

- Crisis/problem management

- Public affairs

- Social media